Duckpin Bowling Balls

Duckpin bowling balls are commonly used in Duckpin bowling that is a common form of this game played in the east coast of the United States. The rules of the game are exactly the same as followed in the Ten Pin Bowling Balls. However,there is the difference between both versions of bowling sport;the size of pins and balls used in Duckpin bowling is different than that of Ten Pin Bowling. The weight of Duckpin bowling balls is usually 3 pounds 12 ounces while the weight of balls in Ten Pin bowling is 6 to 16 pounds. The Duckpins are also shorter and thinner as compared to pins used in Ten Pin bowling. Size difference makes the Duckpin bowling a difficult and demanding game. Players have to work hard for making the strikes in this form of the game.

It is not difficult to find the Duckpin bowling balls as there are a number of shops which offer them. Their price is varied based on the design of core and coverstock. There are different online stores that let the bowlers take a close look on the Duckpin bowling balls and then pick a ball which is perfect for them. These stores offer discount coupons to the buyer as a product promotional strategy. So the buyers feel attraction in the products and like to buy the balls at an affordable rate.

Though one can get the house Duckpin bowling balls in the bowling alley,yet professionals only go for customized balls. The reason is that they have to play in the tournaments and leagues and therefore they need great practice,which is only possible when they have their own one of the Duckpin bowling balls. When a person possesses a ball,then he knows how to handle it,how to knock down all pins through it etc. The manufacturer lets the bowler design his/her own ball. The price of custom bowling balls is usually higher than that of other balls available in the market because such balls are prepared considering the specs of an individual. Custom bowling balls can be used only by the owner not by any other bowler.

Whether bowlers play with custom Duckpin bowling balls or with house balls there is only need that he/she has the potential to make high score and to beat the opponents in a tremendous way.